The Santakinz Room is a Room available at the Clubhouse in December. In there, you can meet Santakinz and tell him which gift you want and you choose one of three they have. The Room is exclusive because it only comes around in December and arrived in 2009. The Gifts you could choose from were:

  • Table-top Christmas Tree
  • Holiday Mrs. Birdy Plush
  • Polar Plunge Snowglobe

After visiting him, you'd receive a Candy Cane and later a Postcard that said "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and had your pet sitting with him.


  • Oddly, Mrs. Birdy was seen in the Room and when clicked a note popped up saying ti was unavailable. Later, Webkinz Newz confirmed her arrival and told us that she'd be back December 14th to give gifts and you can collect the gifts by Christmas.
  • Some pets mistake Santakinz for Fluffington who rather looks a lot like him
  • A few previous gifts are in the room, like the Holiday Arte Fact and the Holiday Tubby Tummies bear.
  • The room has the Holiday theme from the W-Shop except the flooring.
  • If you click SantaKinz while in line, you'll be moved to the back.
  • He will decide your gift for you if you don't decide by Christmas Eve.
  • There are rumors about the room coming back in 2010.
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