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The Schnauzer is a regular Webkinz pet that was released in February 2008. It isn't retired, doesn't have a Lil'Kinz version and was Pet of the Month in January 2010. Its pet specific food is the Schnauzer Schnitzel and its pet specific item is the Schnauzer Jalopy.


"Schnauzers sure are cute and smart...not to mention really, really active. Make sure to have a big backyard full of cool stuff to play with - and maybe a treadmill for indoors, too! This precious pooch is always up for a good time. Whether it's visiting friends or just hanging out around the house, the Schnauzer knows how to make life fun!"


The Schnauzer is short-haired and light tan in colour, with floppy ears, white paws and a white underbelly. It has bushy white eyebrows, a grey long mustache on its muzzle and yellow-brown beard like hair underneath its chin. It also has black eyes and a triangular, black nose. Their Magic W is located on its right hind paw.


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