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The Scribbles Pup is a regular Webkinz pet that was released in February 2014. It does not have a Lil'Kinz variation, is not retired, and was Pet of the Month in July 2018. Its pet specific food is Squiggly Pasta and its pet specific item is the Doodle Chair.


The Scribbles Pup has white fur with a multicolour circular pattern, featuring colours such as pink, purple, yellow, green and blue that are roughly drawn and interlocking with other circles. They have a purple triangular nose, black eyes and a pure white snout, and the bottom of their paws is purple in colour whilst under their ears is a hot pink in colour, with their tail being neon green. Their Magic W is located on their right hind paw.


"The Scribbles Pup is all about creating art! Help them discover their talent with a fun and functional Doodle Chair, the perfect seat for any artist! And when it's time to take a break, hand them a big serving of yummy Squiggly Pasta, a scrumptious work of art in itself!"

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