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The Scruffy Puppy is a Webkinz pet that was released in May 2018. It doesn't have a Lil'Kinz version. It isn't retired. Its pet specific item is the Playful Fire Hydrant and its pet specific food is Street Meat.


The Scruffy Puppy has off-white colored fur. It has one brown ear. Its tail is brown. It has a small brown spot around one of its eyes. Its eyes are black.


Who’s scruffy-looking? Why, the Webkinz Scruffy Puppy of course! This precocious pup likes to keep cool, which is a snap when they have their Playful Fire Hydrant at the ready! As an experienced urban dweller, the Scruffy Puppy has acquired a taste for some of the simpler samplings the city has to offer, so make sure you feed them their favorite Street Meat at snack time!