Sherbet Bunny
Sherbet Bunny
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Pet: Sherbet Bunny
Retired: RetiredYes
Lil'Kinz: No
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The Sherbet Bunny webkinz pet was a seasonal pet introduced in January 2007. It was retired in March 2008. It has no Lil'Kinz version and wasn't a Pet of the Month. Its special food is a Creamy Carrot Sherbet and its special item was a Springtime Basket Chair. It was the first seasonal pet for Easter.


Sweet like sherbet, this lavender bunny promises to bring you the joy of spring all year round! With a big pink nose, tickly whiskers, and soft floppy ears, this little rabbit is sure to hop right into your heart!


The Sherbet Bunny has pink, purple, and yellow soft short fur. It has pink ears and black eyes. It has big paws and a little round tail. It also has white whiskers.

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