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The Signature Barbet is a virtual-only Signature pet that was released in January 2021. Its pet specific food is the Gourmet Macaron and its pet specific item is the Old Fashioned Soda Shop.

As of November 2021, this pet is currently only available as a PromoKinz for reaching Tier 4 ($2,000) of spending in the Sophie's Rewards program in the eStore.


"When it comes to fantastic furry friends, a curly cutie like the Signature Barbet is one huggable hound that you'll just have to have! This shaggy sweetheart is a wonderful worker, so set them up at their Old-Fashioned Soda Shop where they can dispense a daily delight! When they're looking for a snack, the dessert they most desire to dine on is a marvelous Gourmet Macaron!"


The Signature Barbet is a shaggy, dark brown dog covered in fur. It has soft brown eyes and a soft brown nose, dark brown paws, and a small white triangle of fur on its chest. It has lots of fur on top of its head and around its mouth that partially obscures its face.


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