Signature Calico Cat
Signature Calico Cat
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Pet: Signature Calico Cat
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Lil'Kinz: No
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The Signature Calico Cat is the fifth Signature Webkinz Pet. Its Special Food is Kitten Kaboodle Strudel and its special item is the Cats Meow Garden


The calico cat has soft, fluffy hair on its big body, with wide golden eyes and black ears. It's W is located on one of its paws.


The Signature Calico Cat is certainly a colorful critter! It's a smart, friendly and fun-loving feline that likes to make extra KinzCash at Quizzy's! You'll find that this precious pet is quite the trivia champ! Treat it to a Kitten Kaboodle Strudel every time it makes you proud!


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