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The Signature Collie is one of the Signature Pets, but does not have a plush version as it's a Virtual Only Signature. It was released in February 2019. Its pet specific food is the Golden Ossilily and its pet specific item is the Country Café.


"The moment you see the Signature Collie, you'll want to fetch them at the Adoption Center so that you can bring them home! This delightful dog is one hungry pup! Fortunately, they have their own Country Café where they can get a delightful daily treat! When that's not enough, you can always feed them their favorite snack: a Golden Ossilily!"


The Signature Collie has a dark brown back and head, lighter brown legs, and white paws with a white belly. Its face is a light tan with a white muzzle and brown eyes. Its tail is dark brown on top, white on its tip, and lighter brown in the middle. Except for its paws and muzzle, it has long, shaggy fur all over its body.



  • The Signature Collie was part of the $2,000 Tier 4 reward for the first Ganz eStore Sophie's Rewards program.

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