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Signature Pets are like standard Webkinz, but higher quality and more detailed. They were also sold at a higher price point than other plush pets at $27.99 USD. When you adopt a Signature pet, you not only get the pet's special item and food, you also get an item from the Signature Theme and a Wish Token.

Small Signatures

Ganz released the Small Signature series in March 2010. Small Signatures are just like standard Signature pets but smaller in size.


There are 14 Small Signatures in total:

Signature Endangered Pets

Signature Endangered Pets are plush pets in the Signature line based off of real endangered animals. Pets from this line come with an exclusive wallpaper and flooring, as well as an item from the Endangered Signature line. This line of pets was discontinued in 2011.


List of Signatures

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