The Signature Pig is a Webkinz pet that was released in 2010. It is not retired, doesn't have a Lil'Kinz, and hasn't been Pet of the Month. Its pet specific food is the Homemade Apple Core Pie and its pet special item is the Muddy Mire.  


The Signature Pig has a peachy skin/fur color and black brown eyes. Its snout, feet and inner ear are darker variation of the skin/fur color.


You'll love rolling around in the mud with the Signature Pig! The Pig is the perfect porky pal, as it's always ready to head outside to play-rain or shine-in its messy Muddy Marsh. And when you're all tuckered out from a day of play, you can sit back and make your pig pal happy with a Homemade Apple Core Pie!

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