The Skunk is a Webkinz pet that was released in August 2008. It doesn't have a Lil'Kinz version, it is retired, and was Pet of the Month in May 2010. It was featured in the video Misunderstood. Its pet specific item is the Black and White Skunk Fridge and its pet specific food is the Toadstool Fritter. It also appears in the game Hide N' Skunk.


Black and white and totally all right...that's the super Skunk! Skunks are friendly and exuberant and love to hang out with lots of pals. Skunks also enjoy the occasional quiet day at home. Decorating, baking, and simply chilling out makes a Skunk very happy!


The Skunk is black with a white stripe going from head to tail. It has a little black stripe on the its tail. 



Misunderstood - No Friends Blues - May Pet of the Month

Misunderstood - No Friends Blues - May Pet of the Month

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