Small Signature Golden Retriever
Smll Sig Gold Retriever Close up
Basic info
Pet: Small Signature Golden Retriever
Retired: Retiredno
Lil'Kinz: no
Item number

The Small Signature Golden Retriever was a part of the Small Signature line. It was released in July 2010, being the 5th pet in the Signature Line. It was made in a lying down position and it had the Signature Gold W on it's front right paw. Its plush eyes and nose are a chocolate brown. The Small Signature Golden Retriever came with a Golden Glide water slide and Canine Carat Cake.


The Small Golden Retriever is lovable as much as it is huggable! It is known to be amongst the friendliest of canines. This pet will be your loyal friend if you take it for plenty of trips to the Golden Glide Water Slide and treat it with Canine Carat Cake.

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