Smoothie Moves
Basic Info
Location: Smoothie Moves
Area: Arcade
Category: Game

Smoothie Moves is a Webkinz Arcade game. It was released on August 20, 2008. This game stars Blanche the Persian Cat. There is no trophy for this game.


The object of the game is to form groups of "foods" of the same color (3 or more is a group). The color that you are shooting appears in the front of the Blanche's car.

Combos: A combo is when you make a group, then that group of balls are deleted and the balls that were on either side of the group come together to form another group of 3 or more of the same color foods.

You get bonuses by making combos. When a combo is made, your bonus comes in the form of a "smoothie". There are three sizes of smoothies; Super, Large, and Small.

To make a small sundae of soda, you need to have one combo. To make a combo, you clear one group lets say white. then if the balls on either side are the same color let's say blue then the blue one come together. If the blues make a group of three or more, you made a combo. if this happens 2 times in a series (without shooting another ball), you get a large. if you do it 3 or more times in a series then you get a super. When a Super-sized smoothie is made, you get a Kinzcash bonus.

  • The point bonus of the super bonus increases by 50 points each level.
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