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The Snow Cap Ferret is a Webkinz pet that released in November 2016. It doesn't have a Lil'Kinz, it isn't retired, and it was Pet of the Month for November 2018. Its pet specific item is the Cozy Snow Burrow Bed and its pet specific food is the Cinnabunny Creamsicle.


"The Snow Cap Ferret is one cute and cool pet that is sure to slink its way into your heart! They'll want to keep warm in the winter, so make sure they take their naps burrowed inside a Cozy Snow Burrow Bed! When they're awake, feed them a sweet treat, like their favorite: a Cinnabunny Creamsicle!"


The Snow Cap Ferret is white and fluffy with a light pink nose and light pink ears. It has long whiskers.


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