Snow Yeti
Snow Yeti
Basic info
Pet: Snow Yeti
Retired: RetiredNo
Lil'Kinz: No
Item number

The Webkinz Snow Yeti was released in Novemeber 2011. It was Pet of the Month for December 2013. Its pet specific food is the Abomina Bowl of Chilli and its pet specific item is the Sneaky Ice Cave.


When you catch a glimpse of this new pet you won't believe your eyes! The Snow Yeti has been sighted heading for Webkinz World! This legendary pet is known to vanish into its Sneaky Ice Cave. No worries though - it can be easily coaxed out by the mouth-watering aroma of an Abomina Bowl of Chili, its favorite treat. When you adopt the Snow Yeti you will be blanketed in an avalanche of love.

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