Sparky Fact is a member of the 'Kinz group and the nephew of Arte Fact.


Although his page in the Kinzapedia on the Webkinz Newz site does not exist anymore, according to what can be found through the Wayback Machine, Sparky Fact was described by Ganz as such:

"Sparky is an enthusiastic young retriever who tags along with Doug on any of his crazy escapades. He really likes adventure and he enjoys hanging out with his friends in the ‘Kinz Crew. Sparky is definitely the competitive type, especially when it comes to video games. Sparky is close with Alex and Stoogles. Sparky is Arte’s nephew and the only remaining link between Doug and Arte."[1]


Sparky is featured in multiple W-Tales books, such as An Air of Mystery and The Last Adventure.


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