Spree! (sometimes stylized as SPREE!) is an Arcade game that can be played once a day. The game was added to the Arcade in April of 2011.

The player rolls dice in order to travel around the game board, collecting prizes such as Shopping Bags and Mall Credits along the way. The object of the game is to collect as many Mall Credits as possible so that they can be spent at the Kinzville Mall at the end of the game.


The game begins when the player picks their game piece. There are two available at the start, though more can be purchased at the Mall. Once the player picks their game piece, they can roll the dice. This dictates how many spaces they move their piece. Each space on the board has a picture on it, of which there are five different types: Shopping Bag, Mall Credit, KinzCash, Spree, and Stop.

Shopping Bag spaces can be one of five colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, or Pink. Landing on a Shopping Bag space adds the shopping bag of that color to a player's Shopping Bag collection in the top left color of the screen. If a player has a shopping bag in that color already, then they will get a bonus roll. Bonus rolls typically award prizes, though they can also send the player backwards on the board or simply do nothing. Once the player collects all five Shopping Bags, they get a prize bag that can be opened in their house.

Mall Credit and KinzCash spaces are rather self-explanatory. Mall Credit spaces come in three types: bronze, silver and gold. Each awards a different amount of Mall Credits to the player's account, with bronze being the lowest and gold being the highest. KinzCash spaces give the player a KinzCash prize.

Spree spaces allow the player to draw a card from the purple deck at the top of the screen. Each card has an action on it which changes gameplay such as making all Mall Credit spaces bronze, giving the player a bonus roll, or more.

When a player rolls a die and moves across a Stop space, they have to stop on that space no matter what. This takes the player to a mini game that must be played before they can continue. The player is shown a hand of face-down cards. They must click on one of these cards and attempt to match it with one of the grey cards at the bottom of the screen. If the player clicks on the right card, they get to continue matching cards. If they click on a stop sign, they cannot match a card and must try again. If the player guesses the position of each card correctly, they win a bonus roll. If they click on too many stop signs, their turn ends.

Players are given three rolls every day, though bonus rolls can also be won through events on Today's Activities or through gameplay. The game ends when the player reaches the mall, allowing them to spend their Mall Credits on exclusive prizes. Unspent Mall Credits are retained and can be used the next time the player makes it to the Kinzville Mall.


Multiple badges are awarded by Spree! including:

  • Puppy Patrol: Purchase the Security Guard Uniform at the Kinzville Mall
  • Perfect Parking: Roll the exact number required to land at the mall


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