Spring Celebration Bunny
Spring Celebration Bunny
Basic info
Pet: Spring Celebration Bunny
Retired: Retiredno
Lil'Kinz: no
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The Spring Celebration Bunny webkinz was released in March 2009, hasn't been Pet of the Month, and isn't retired. The Spring Celebration Bunny is a seasonal pet, and only comes out around Easter for the Ganz eStore. Its special item is the Exquisite Egg Chair, and its special food is the Pastel Pancakes.


This rambunctious rabbit is bound to keep you busy! The Spring Celebration Bunny is always on the lookout for fancy furniture - and nothing will have this Bunny bouncing to the W Shop quicker than a new room theme! This furry friend sure loves to decorate! After a day of shopping, it likes to relax in its Exquisite Egg Chair.

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