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Clear Your Cache before Hunting for the Leprechaun!

From March 10th 2010 to March 18th 2010, there is going to be a St.Patricks Day Event, where if you go to a Clubhouse room, and see the Leprechaun, and click on him he will give you a Rainbow treat. It gets added to your Pot Of Gold, and your dock for eating or saving. Once you fill your Pot Of Gold bag from finding him in the Clubhouse, you get the Pot Of Gold, which is animated. Also, once you've earned the Pot Of Gold, you also get awarded a random amount of Kinzcash. When you click on the Pot Of Gold, it shoots rainbows out.


How long will this event be?

It will be from March 10th 2010 - March 18th 2010.

How long will the Leprechaun stay?

With our findings, he stays around 30 seconds to a minute.

What if I see the Four Leaf Clover over pets heads?

They are looking in there pot of gold bag.

What is that giggling sound I hear?

That would be the Leprechaun appearing in the room your in.

Jelly Coins

Jelly Coins are earned by clicking on the Leprechaun every hour from March 10th to March 17th. They are then added to your dock and your Pot Of Gold.



  • When the event started on March 10th 2010 there was a glitch where you could get more then 1 candy a hour- This glitch was fixed later that day.
  • A second glitch was the same day March 10th 2010 where once you get all the candy and press unlock you get your Kinzcash and pot but then when you went back to it you were able to click it again, and keep on getting kinzcash but not another pot - This Glitch was fixed as well.