St. Bernard
St Bernard
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Pet: St. Bernard
Retired: RetiredYes
Lil'Kinz: Yes
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The St. Bernard is a Webkinz was released in May 2005. It's retired, wasn't Pet of the Month and has a Lil'Kinz version. Its special food is a Bacon Bone and special item is a Ski Lodge Fireplace. The St. Bernard was retired at Aug. 18, 2007, but the Lil'Kinz is still available.


The St. Bernard is more hairy on the back than on the front like many other Webkinz pets.


Faithful to a fault, the St. Bernard would brave snow blizzards and rainstorms to be by your side. That is unless there's a Bacon Bone anywhere nearby - because that's its all-time favorite food! Regardless of who or what this pooch is braving the elements for, they make an all-time favorite pet.


  • The St. Bernard has many characters named after it, including Fluffington and Goober (scientist).
  • The St. Bernard is the only Webkinz pet to have "puffy" eye-brows above its eyes. They are black.
  • St. Bernards appear in three Arcade games, Goober's Atomicolicious, Goober's Lab and Goober's Atomic Adventure. All of them feature Goober.


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