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The Stache Dach is a regular Webkinz pet that released in November 2014. It is not retired, and was Pet of the Month for November 2017. Its pet-specific item is the Mustache Mobile and its pet-specific food is some Refined Root Beer.


"The Stache Dach is pleased to make your acquaintance! A classy pet who adores their elegant lifestyle, they’ll often be spotted zooming about town in their immaculate Mustache Mobile! And, of course, this dachshund would never be without an ice-cold glass of Refined Root Beer, a drink fit for the most cultured of pets."[1]


The Stache Dach is a long bodied dog that is burnt-sienna brown in colour. Their floppy, long ears are cocoa brown, and on their long snout they have a triangular, black nose with 3 dots on either cheek. They also have large black claws and black eyes. Their body, head and tail are also covered in a pattern of black handlebar mustaches.


  • It is the first pet to have an official unboxing video.
  • This Webkinz may have been made because of the Movember event.
    • This is evident in the fact that the pet is mustache themed and also released during the month in which it takes place, and was also Pet of the Month during that time as well.

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