Style Class
There is a Fashion Class in the Kinzville Academy that came out in November 2007, one month after the Kinzville Academy came out and can make one of your pet's to have clothing (real clothing). The judges will give the score, just like in the Beauty Pageant in the Webkinz Stadium.

This course has more to do with memory than fashion. One at a time, models walk down the runway in front of you sporting different Webkinz World fashions. I spotted many KinzStyle items, but most clothing seems to come from the W-Shop. After the model leaves the runway, you must remember what the model was wearing. You will be given a few options for each item and 30 seconds to figure it out. Level one only deals with shirts and pants, but the pictures included with the instructions seem to indicate that glasses, shoes, and hats may be used in higher levels.


Level 5

When your pet completes level 5, you receive the Dance action.

Level 10

After completing level 10, you get to choose one prize from the Fashion Class Gift Box:
KA fashion 10


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