Texting Puppy
Texting Puppy
Basic info
Pet: Texting Puppy
Retired: RetiredNo
Lil'Kinz: No
Item number
HM 697

The Texting Puppy is a Webkinz pet with a plush. They have no Lil'Kinz and is not retired.


They are white colored all over its body. It also has some texting words all over the body again like LOL or IDK. It has purple underpaws and purple ears inside. It has black eyes and a black/purple nose.


OMG! It's the Texting Puppy! You'll be ROFL when you add this funny friend to your Webkinz family of pets! Even though they don't have thumbs, you can keep their paws primed as they receive messages on their Cell Phone Sofa! And they'll always BRB when you serve up some LOL Biscuits for them to munch on!

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