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The Thunderbird is a Webkinz virtual pet available in the Ganz eStore. The pet's adoption gifts are the Storm Cloud Throne and Warm Storm Chowder. It was released on March 6, 2010.[1]


"A fine feathery friend in foul and fair weather, like a lightning strike the Thunderbird is ready to bolt to its friends' sides when they need help. When this pet's friends swing by its room, it happily gives up its seat on the Storm Cloud Throne so they can have some floating fun. After an exciting and energetic day, the Thunderbird recharges its energy with a bowl of Warm Storm Chowder."[2]

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  • In real life, the Thunderbird is a spirit belonging to certain North American Indigenous mythologies and cultures, most notably in the Great Plains, Northwest Coast, and Midwestern regions in the United States. Beliefs about the spirit varies between tribes, though it is a common aspect that the Thunderbird controls the weather, and in some cases creates thunder.[3]



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