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Trading Card Series 1 Packs

Trading Cards are collectible cards featuring Webkinz pet, item, and character illustrations with small descriptions. The three types of cards are trading cards, code cards, and sticker cards. Trading cards can be used for collecting, playing, and trading, while code cards have a Code Shop code which can be used to earn an Exclusive Item or Rare Item. Sticker cards were introduced for Series 3 and 4, each having 2-3 stickers.

Four series of trading cards exist, each consisting over 100 cards. Different trading card types exist in each series, ranging from playing cards, collector cards, story cards, and more.

Trading Cards Series 1

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Trading Cards Series 1 was released in 2007. Series 1 packs come with six cards: five trading cards and one code card. Series 1 trading cards come in four types, each with different uses and information:

  • Webkinz Deck Cards: includes blue cards marked with certain categories (Pet, Cat, Character, Game, etc.) or are red "Action" cards.
  • Challenge Cards: green cards that are used for playing with "challenges" written on them.
  • Curio Shop Curiosities: burgundy cards featuring illustrations and descriptions of Curio Shop Rare Items.
  • Webkinz Doodlez: gold cards featuring concept art and descriptions.

There are 80 Webkinz Deck Cards, 15 Challenge Cards, 8 Curio Shop Curiosities cards, and Webkinz Doodlez cards in Series 1, totaling to 111 cards.

Trading Cards Series 2

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Trading Cards Series 2 was released in 2007 as well. These packs also came with six cards (five trading cards and one code card). A complete new set of cards were released in Series 2, including new Webkinz Deck Cards and Challenge Cards, as well as introducing W Tales Snapshots cards and At Paw Level Cards.

  • W Tales Snapshots: these cards feature illustrations of events that took place in various W-Tales stories. They are designed to look like stamps.
  • At Paw Level: these cards feature a view of various room themes at the perspective of a Webkinz pet, or in other words, at paw level.

Series 2 has 85 Webkinz Deck Cards, 15 Challenge Cards, 8 W Tales Snapshots cards, and 8 At Paw Level cards, totaling to 116 cards.

Trading Cards Series 3

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Trading Cards Series 3

Trading Cards Series 3 was released in 2008 (insert details)

Trading Cards Series 4

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Trading Cards Series 4

Trading Cards Series 4 was released in 2009 (insert details)

Trading Cards Series

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