• I live in Seattle, WA
  • My occupation is Drummer
  • I am Male
Cheeky Cat This user is inactive due to Loss of interest.

Meet meEdit

My name's Barkjon, a tweenager old boy currently living in the U.S.

Wiki LifeEdit

I'm a sysop/bureacrat and webmaster of the Club Penguin Wiki. I am a rollback in Wikipedia. I am very good at editing wikis and, if I decide too, I will edit good here.

Webkinz Edit

  • Skater (Regular-sized Striped Snake)
  • Camo (Lil' Kinz Leopard)
  • Zack (Regular-sized Raccoon)

List Edit

  • Color: Black
  • Place: My house or home.
  • Room (in house): Family room
  • Friends: Neighborhood Kids
  • Instrument: Drums
  • Famous Person: George Washington or some other president.
  • Favorite Online Game: Club Penguin!!
  • Favorite Movie: School of Rock probably
  • Favorite Movie Series: Star Wars
  • Favorite recognizable food: Pizza
  • Favorite soda: Root Beer of Dr. Pepper
  • Favorite book series: Redwall
  • Favorite animals: Otters (all kinds.)

Other online games Edit

I love Club Penguin, and I like Webkinz, as I am making a user here!

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