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  • I live in The Pokemon White 2 game of this user...
  • I was born on June 30
  • My occupation is Template maker
  • I am a genderless Level 100 Keldeo
Please view this page on the monobook skin!
Hello and welcome to my page!

I am Clubchloe1, but you may call me Chloe. I have played Webkinz on and off, but I am currently playing it right now.

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A nostalgic look back at the old days of Webkinz

Here are a few quotes by me for those of you who want a nostalgic look back at the older Webkinz days.

I remember back in the old days of Webkinz, there was no map of Kinzville and you had everything you could do in the Things to Do menu.

I remember there was a time where the Tropical Island Pup if you tried to unlock it on Webkinz it would have your account locked.

I remember when the Blueberry Cheeky Dog was new. Now it's retired. Damn, I feel old.

I remember when Candy Kinz pets were being sold on the eStore.

I remember when you could do anything without a Deluxe membership. Now you need it for..everything. And I remember it cost for 1 month $1.50 at the time also.

More coming soon.

Logos for the wiki I've created

I made some new logos for the wiki. Here they are:

Webkinz wiki logo monobook

Monobook (transparency added + different font and text color).

Webkinz wiki logo wikia

Wikia skin (this wiki didn't even have one).

My reasoning for using these colors and fonts is that I can't find any font that is like the Webkinz logo, so I decided to use one that I find the most fitting for it, and the colors is the colors that is used *a lot* by Ganz on the Webkinz game.

Main page design tips

Need some help designing a main page for a wiki? These tips got you covered from a professional template maker, me!

  • Use as much content you can put as possible — This means, make modules to use as much content as you can. You can easily create modules by using these templates pre-made onto any Wikia wiki:
Left content here.
Right content here.
OR, you can also put three modules on it too (but it's not recommended for the content length):
Right content here, then the first right content area would be the middle.
|} <!--This ends it.-->
  • Put every single content (article) category listed on the main page. This will extremely help navigation for your readers. It can also help boost your Google search rank for bots operated by Google that search websites to boost your wiki's Google search rank.
  • Add images. It's what makes the main page pretty (and articles too), but don't put blurry or off-topic images on there.
  • Add a short description of your wiki's topic. This is so it doesn't confuse readers or have them wondering what's the topic of your wiki.
  • Keep vandalism to the bare minimum. The wikis main page is going to be the most vandalised on any wiki, so the best way to avoid this is to protect your main page to admin-editing-only indefinite.


Since some users may ask me these questions, here it is!

I absolutely LOVE your fancy outfit for Velvet. How can I get it?

List of ways I got the clothing:

  • Tiara: Use the GanzWorld rewards and pay 1,500 Moneyz to get it and send it to Webkinz World.
  • Ballroom Dress: Use the clothing machine at the KinzStyle Outlet and use the following ingredients (these can all be found at the KinzStyle outlet):
    • Ballerina Leotard Top
    • Blue Bow
    • Powder Blue Skirt
  • Glass Slippers: Use the clothing machine at the KinzStyle Outlet and use the following ingredients (these can all be found at the KinzStyle outlet):
    • Funky Girl Glasses
    • Ruby Slippers
    • Princess Hat
Do you have a Deluxe membership?

Yup. I got it because I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad at how much I can't do without it. It's great.

Can I add you as a friend?

Sure can. My username is "chloetyuiop1". Feel free to add me at any time.

WHAT?! You have a Splash Dragon?!

Yes I do. I payed like $10 for it on eBay. Sure was worth it now that it costs over $60.

How long have you've been playing Webkinz?

For a few years, on and off.

What's your favorite Webkinz?

The Splash Dragon. I love aquatic creatures, and I love dragons; it's like it was meant for me! Basically: aquatic creatures + dragons = awesomeness.

Which way do you prefer to meet up with me on Webkinz?

I prefer to meet up at my house (so I can show you my coooooooooooooool stuff), but any other way works too. The ways I prefer is either:

  • Add me as a friend and meet up with me at my house
  • Meet me at the park (park 1) on KinzChat plus in the Light Blue zone.
  • Meet me at the regular KinzChat in the Clubhouse (I will generally be in the Girls Rule room in the Light Blue zone).
  • Or, if you have Deluxe, meet me at the KinzChat Plus area of the Clubhouse in the Light Blue zone in the Girls rule room.

Before trying to meet me there, please message me on here first and set up a time before trying to meet me somewhere. Thanks,Clubchloe1signatureicon.pngClubchloe1

Do you have anything to trade?

Nope. I prefer to keep the PSI I get, plus any exclusive item I have, except for rare cases of exclusive items I don't need so I trade them away for something better.

Why is your Celestial Unicorn named "Cosmosa"?

I named her that thanks to a name from my mom. The name is from "Cosmos", and I think it is a boy name (thanks to Fariy Odd Parents), so she suggested "Cosmosa", and I named her that.

What does your page on Webkinz look like?

Something like this (note: this is not updated or current; this means, don't assume it is current, as I change it very frequently):

Clubchloe1&#039;s page
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