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Hello! I'm an admin here! Ask if you need anything~

I tend to use the wayback machine to get info that's not accessible anymore. Ganz can't hide their secrets from me.

My Webkinz

Pink Pony, Raccoon, Lion
Caterpillar, Cotton Candy Bunny, Lil' Kinz White Mouse
Barred Owl, Boston Terrier, Reindeer

Persian Cat, Pinktastic Peacock, Bottlenose Dolphin
Siamese Cat, Charcoal Cat, Dazzle Dachshund
Twilight Dragon, Beagle, White Terrier

Lil' Kinz White Terrier, Spotted Seal, Patchy Puppy
Brown Arabian, Lil' Kinz Hummingbird, Peace Unicorn
Misty Unicorn, Bat, Alpine St. Bernard

Wooly Mammoth, Elephant, Lionfish
Chihuahua, Bullfrog, Brilliant Bandit
Jack Russel, Himalayan, Collie

The Zany Zum, and the Mazin' Hamsters Hope, Waffles, and Willow!

  • Started Webkinz in 2006 🦝🐴🐇