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  • Bunnylove14

    Hi everyone of the webkinz wiki! So as you all may know, this wiki has had no active admins/bureaucats for a while. And there is spam. A LOT of spam. Tiddles the Ocelot has tried to adopt but unfortunately she could not due to being blocked on other wikis. I would like to take a shot at adopting but if you have any other ideas for leaders, please say too.

    1. I have the most edits out of all active users

    With 219 edits (And counting) I have the most edits of any active users. Even though that isn't a TON it's quite a bit considering I have only been a member for 10 days. :)

    2. I have the most mainspace edits out of any active users

    Same thing with edits, 122 mainspace edits is the most out of active users.

    3. I am active every day.

    I am one of the 3…

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  • Bunnylove14

    Ok, we all know that this wiki needs a lot of clean up. Most pages are pet pages and lots of old ones have horrible page layout/formatting. This is what I think we should do. Tell me what you think in the comments.

    ____ is a webkinz released in _____ as a ________________.

    Appearance of pet.

    Description of pet from offical webkinz source only. Usallly something like this:

    The 10 Year Magic W Pup is here to celebrate with you! This pet's love for Webkinz is so huge that they have their own special Happy Ten Years Wallpaper, Flooring and Bed! Plus, what's a Webkinz birthday party without a yummy Magic W Ice Pop?

    • Any triva listed with a bulleted list
    • No spam or opinions: cute pet!, best dog ect 

    A gallery with the following photos:

    The pet's plush (i…

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