Hi everyone of the webkinz wiki! So as you all may know, this wiki has had no active admins/bureaucats for a while. And there is spam. A LOT of spam. Tiddles the Ocelot has tried to adopt but unfortunately she could not due to being blocked on other wikis. I would like to take a shot at adopting but if you have any other ideas for leaders, please say too.

Why I should possibly adopt

  1. I have the most edits out of all active users

With 219 edits (And counting) I have the most edits of any active users. Even though that isn't a TON it's quite a bit considering I have only been a member for 10 days. :)

2. I have the most mainspace edits out of any active users

Same thing with edits, 122 mainspace edits is the most out of active users.

3. I am active every day.

I am one of the 3ish users that is active every day. I also try to make good edits every day. I am also working hard to clean up the wiki, which is a large project. I also have added lots of new files to the wiki for new pets.

4. I am an active community member

I comment on message walls a blog posts all the time. I love talking to you guys :D

Other leadership ideas.

I made this becuase in order to adopt, wiki wants me to make a blog asking everyone what they think if there active users. There are not very many active users, but i'm doing this just for sure :) But if there is anyone who thinks someone else should adopt please leave your comments too! I totally understand if some people don't want me to adopt.

Well- one thing is for sure, hopefully we as a community can bring this wiki back to the place it was in 2009, 2010 ect when it was a amazing wiki. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below :D

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