You know that time in your life when you really start feeling old and want to be a kid again? I felt that way and decided to pay Webkinz a visit after about 4 years of being absent. And the website, while looks better, is now atrocious. I saw that my account wasn't able to do everything because I haven't been on in so long. I remembered a long time ago, when I wasn't into webkinz anymore, I got one and put it in the attic. I got it out and used the code, but things seemed to be worse...EVERYTHING was about money! What used to be a Wshop (or whatever) is now pretty much 75% Eshop with a handfull of Wshop things. GAMES that I loved were now locked for exclusive players who payed for a special account, which doesn't make sense if I spent about $200 on the plush toys in total. We should get the plush toys for free if there will still be locked things. The website is insane with hunger for money, and that is trashy in my opinion. What do you all think about this? 

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