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The WShop is a store where players can buy items such as food and furniture for their Webkinz. Many items can be purchased with KinzCash, though some must be purchased with eStore points.

While items can be bought at the WShop, they can also be sold there. Items typically sell for half their list price, with exceptions for items like KinzCash coins. Items in the WShop can also go on sale, where they can be purchased for less than their normal price. Sale items are regularly rotated. Occasionally, in Today's Activities, an item will be announced to be on sale for a certain hour.


Plush Pets

This section of the WShop redirects to the Ganz eStore, which formerly sold plush pets in addition to virtual ones. However, as plush pets are no longer sold in the eStore, it simply takes players to the front page instead.

New and Promo

The New and Promo section of the WShop has three subsections - New, Pet Specials, and Sale! The New section lists new items purchasable with either KinzCash or eStore points. Pet Specials lists virtual pets that either new or on sale, and the Sale section lists any WShop items that are currently discounted.


The Food section of the WShop sells items that can be used to feed a player's pets. There are two subsections - Ingredients and Pet Favorites. The Ingredients subsection contains food items that can either be eaten on their own or combined using an appliance as a part of a recipe. The Pet Favorites subsection contains the pet specific foods for each pet on a player's account. When a pet eats its pet specific food, it becomes happier and fuller than it would if it had eaten a normal food item.


The Furniture section of the WShop sells items that can be placed in a player's house. There are eight subsections which contain different types of furniture: Beds, Kitchen, Bathroom, Tables, TV, Storage, Seating, and Lights.

Fun Stuff

The Fun Stuff section of the WShop contains most items that could not be sorted into another section. There are twelve subsections, each containing various interactive items. The Adventures subsection unlocks quests in Adventure Park, and the Saplings subsection allows players to purchase custom Enchanted Trees. The Buddies subsection contains Pet Buddies, which follow a player's pet as they walk around. Exercise, Games, Books, and Toys all contain items which can be used to play with a pet (see the Pet Care section below). The Seeds subsection contains seeds which can be used in Gardening. Recipe Maker contains furniture items which can be used to cook food, such as Stoves and Blenders. Building Kits are used to create large furniture items for a player's house. They function in the same way as some Challenges, where players can ask their friends and Webkinz Hosts for building materials that they can use to help complete the kit. Additionally, the Movie Maker subsection contains actors and sets for the Webkinz Studio while the Rides & Cars subsection contains vehicles that can be used to help a pet navigate their home faster.


This section of the WShop contains virtual pets available for purchase with eStore Points. Purchasing pets from the WShop works the same way as purchasing pets directly from the eStore--players receive the adoption gift, pet specific item, and pet specific food once the pet is purchased.

Themes A-L and Themes M-Z

These sections contain subsections for each room theme available in the WShop.

Specialty Items

The Specialty Items section contains certain items available for purchase using eStore Points. Examples of these items include consumable items for events (e.g. Winterfest cookies), Adventure Park quests, eStore item packs, and other time-limited or special items.

Pet Care

The Pet Care section is a section of items specifically pertaining to the happiness, hunger, and energy meters that each pet has. These items can be used to complete requests that pets make in order to earn Family Score. There are five subsections: Exercise Pet, Rest, Play, Wash and Cook. Many of these items can also be found in other sections of the WShop (Play overlaps with Games, Rest overlaps with Beds, etc.), though the Pet Care sections contain some additional eStore items not found anywhere else.


The Decorations section contains furniture that does not fall under any of the subsections in the Furniture section. There are 11 subsections: Walls, Floors, Windows, Wall Decor, Pedestals, Plants, Clocks, Rugs, Shelves, Outdoors, and More Stuff. While most of the categories are self-explanatory, the More Stuff subsection simply contains miscellaneous decorations that don't fit anywhere else, such as the Baby Monitor from the Nursery theme and the First-Aid Kit from the CampKinz Theme.

Cool Clothing

The Cool Clothing section contains eStore-exclusive clothing. These clothing items cannot be found in the KinzStyle Outlet or KinzStyle Shop, and must be purchased with eStore Points.

Map Stuff

The Map Stuff section contains items that can be placed on the Map of Kinzville, such as buildings and decorations.