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Wacky Zingoz Extreme is Game found in the Arcade. It can be unlocked only with a code that comes with the plush Wacky Zingoz. The game is similar to the Wacky Zingoz arcade game.

Trivia: The three bats could be found in the week-long March 2008 floating bats event. Beginning late-April 2008, Wacky Zingoz owners could also play this game in the Tournament Arena with another player, just like Wacky Zingoz!


You can pick the Gravity Bat, Regular Bat or the Hyper Bat. You can also collect KinzCash coins in the air giving you one KinzCash per time you get it. You can hit Wacky twice in this Arcade game otherwise Wacky Zingoz when you are allowed to hit him once. If you see Zangoz again click the bat any time you want and he will go farther and higher depending where you hit.