Webkinz (website) is the site where your Webkinz or Lil'Kinz comes to life. Webkinz was created by Ganz

Webkinz's new logo


The most biggest thing about Webkinz is the Webkinz Pets. There are thousands of them. The game also has Retired pets, which means they are no longer making anymore of them. eStore Webkinz are pets without plushes and only can be bought online. Lil'Kinz are mini versions of normal Webkinz. They are often smaller online and in plush form. Some Lil'Kinz don't have a counterpart. Signature



An example of a Webkinz in the "Dress Your Pet" designer

Webkinz pets can wear outfits at any shops including Kinzstyle Outlet. The Dress Your Pet designer makes you dress up your pet in outfits you collected. There are four categories for items: Hats, Tops, Glasses, Belts, Shoes, and Pants. 


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The Webkinz X version of the Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is an attraction in Webkinz World. It has two clubhouses: Kinzchat Plus is the pink clubhouse, which is only aloud if a parent or guardian allows you to go on, which makes you type anything you want to say, while in kinzchat, you just say stuff by the bubble with words. That keeps Webkinz safe for young and old kids.

Webkinz X

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 11.10.27 AM

Webkinz X's logo

Webkinz X was a HUGE update in Webkinz, with a new look for the home page and online.