The title screen of the Chef Challenge over the employment office

Webkinz Chef Challenge used to be a game found in the Tournament Arena. It was a two player game where you competed against a player to get the highest score. There were always three judges. You would get to pick food to make some kind of recipe. Depending on the particular judge and his or her preference of various foods, you will get more points for choosing that food than another. For example, people like Chef Gazpacho like to eat fish sticks, but some other judge may not like it as much.


To play this game the user must click on three different foods that they think may be part of the recipe as presented by the judges. The judges will then sample the two foods and, depending on which ingredients both players chose, will award points to the chef of that food. At the end the chef with the most points wins. There are three rounds to a game. Be aware of the time limit; you have 20 seconds to pick your foods. Once the time hits 0, your final score will be zero, and the other player will win if they select better food. There are six types of food to choose, and you can choose three. Remember that some judges will like some more and won't like some foods that much.

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