The Webkinz Clothing Machine before the item gets made


The Webkinz Clothing Machine after the item gets made

The Webkinz Clothing Machine is a machine in Webkinz World that allows Webkinz to create their own Clothing. The Webkinz Clothing Machine is found in the Kinzstyle Outlet and managed by Pollie-Jean Collie. If the clothing you put in isn't part of a recipe you will get a Patchwork Hat, Patchwork Pants or Patchwork Jacket.


Here are some recipes:

Alpine Hat

  1. Aviator Hat
  2. Bubble Vest
  3. Soft Suede Boots

Beautiful Ball Gown

  1. Ballerina Leotard Top
  2. Blue Bow
  3. Powder Blue Skirt

Patched Denim Jacket

  1. Green Layered Tee
  2. Jeans
  3. Purple Layered Tee

Toy Soldier Coat

  1. Captain Dogbeard's Coat
  2. Mod Jacket
  3. Red Sneakers
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