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Webkinz Newz is the official Webkinz blog run by Ganz. It featured information about both Webkinz World and Webkinz Jr. until the latter was closed in 2018. Webkinz Newz formerly took the form of Bulletinz, messages posted by Ganz about important topics like issues with the website or merchandise. The Webkinz Newz site was founded in 2008 to provide more general information about new releases and upcoming events.

The host of Webkinz Newz is Ella McWoof. She is commonly seen in articles and images on the site.


The Webkinz Newz site has eight sections:

  • Newz Blog
  • Kinzapedia
  • Fun
  • Contests
  • Fan Videos
  • Mobile Apps
  • Forums
  • Share Center


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