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A list of Administrators of the Webkinz Wiki.


Webkinzmania Webkinz Mania (Talk) is the leader of the Webkinz Wikia. He is in charge of all the different things and comes on to edit occasionally, due to work on the total drama wiki.
  • Edits: 7,164
Webkinz112 Webkinz112 (Talk) was promoted to administrator by Webkinz Mania and became the editor-in-chief of the wiki, managing all of the maintenance that needs to be done.
  • Edits: 4,223
IAyami Iayami (Talk) is a bureaucrat of the Webkinz Wikia who makes very big edits every now and then.
  • Edits: 1,866
4myalikaavatar 4myalika (Talk) Our most recent administrator. 4myalika is a rollback who has recently made many good edits and was promoted due to them.
  • Edits: 397
Cowlover24 Cowlover24 (Talk) a rollback who has gone inactive recently but made very good edits before.
  • Edits: 284
Hatpop Hat Pop (Talk) is a rollback who greatly helped with the uncategorized pages problem.
  • Edits: 503

Project Leaders

Webkinz112 (Talk) a bureaucrat who also leads Project Projects and Project Navbox.
Generalgrievous113 (Talk) is the bureaucratic leader of Project Category.
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