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Multiple projects had been implemented on this wiki, though are in need of updating and improvement. This page will renew the projects as closely to the original projects as possible as to fulfill the intentions of the previous administrators and bureaucrats, while also updating and fleshing them out.

If anyone has any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

Whiteheart7 (talk) 21:49, 19 July 2021 (UTC)


Project Image, Project Infobox, Project Kinz, Project Pet Special, and Project Tales will all be updated and described below. Project Category and Project Template are to be discontinued for the following reasons: Project Category, aiming to categorize all pages, is mostly complete and now unneeded and Project Template, to create as many navboxes as possible, is impractical. While some projects have technically no end, they will continue to be implemented until all content has been caught up to at least January 2021.

This page will also list the old project leaders and members for the sake of documentation, but no new leaders will be picked as there is currently only one administrator and many of these projects don't necessarily have to have leaders. Anyone may partake in these assignments and do not need to sign up. That said, onto the projects.

Project Image

Project Image aims to upload, correctly format, and categorize all images on the Webkinz Wiki. The admin will take care of deletion of images, though editors may place Template:Delete on any image that may need to be removed with good reason.


1. Upload Needed Images: Many pages do not have images, need images replaced, or need more images. Item and Pet images are needed most, as many of them are either low quality or do not meet the current requirements. Updating and editing existing pages is the top priority. Images must also be uploaded with an appropriate title and (an optional) description if the image has more details than are present in the title.

2. Correctly Format Images: Guidelines for how Pet and Item images can be read on Template:Pet Box, Template:Lil Box 2.0, Template:Sig Box, Template:Item Infobox, Template:EStore Item Infobox, and Rules. For other images like screenshots and media images, all must be of official sources such as Webkinz Newz, the Ganz eStore, the game itself, and the like. Unless no other versions of an image exists, please do not use personally taken pictures. (Edit 12/24/21: Images for items and pets may be taken from the Webkinz Picture Guide)

3. Categorize Images: Each image must be placed into a category (Pet images in Category:Pet Images, for example) and to have a copyright template applied to it. If you need help deciding which copyright template needs to be applied to an image, read here and here.

Former Members

  • Generalgrievous113 (Rollback) (Former)
  • Webkinz Mania (Bureaucrat) (Former)
  • Webkinz112 (Bureaucrat) (Former)
  • Wikiwikiwack
  • Iayami

Project Infobox

Project Infobox aims to add an infobox to every Pet (Regular Webkinz, Lil' Kinz, Signature), Item, Character, Location, Game, Song, and Book page. Each infobox needed is linked, each with instructions on how to apply those infoboxes. Captions for images in infoboxes are optional.

Edit 12/30/2021: In addition, it is also a goal to replace all outdated infoboxes with the newer portable infobox templates listed above. Outdated infoboxes typically look like this and this.

Former Members

  • Webkinz112 (Bureaucrat) (Former)
  • Webkinz Mania (Bureaucrat) (Former)

Project Kinz

Project Kinz aims to create articles of all pets and to make them as comprehensive as possible. While a basic overview of how each pet page is supposed to look is described in the Rules, below will feature a more detailed one.

Each pet page should have an infobox, an intro paragraph, the official description of the pet, appearance description, gallery, (optional) trivia section, and navbox. It should as well be categorized properly with "Pets" along with at least "Regular Pets", "Lil'Kinz", "Signature Pets", "Small Signature Pets", "Signature Endangered", "Virtual Only", and/or "Regular Signature Pets".


1. Add An Infobox: How to fill out infoboxes are described in Project Infobox. Pet Boxes are for Regular Webkinz pets and Virtual Only pets, and the Lil Box 2.0 is for Lil' Kinz. Infoboxes for Signatures have their own Sig Box.

2. Write An Intro: Below is a basic introduction for a Pet page, though it does not have to be exact when writing one.

"The (Webkinz Name) is a (type of pet) that was released in/on (release date). (If it was Pet of the Month, write: "It was Pet of the Month for (month, year)." More details can be written if need be.) (If it has a Lil' Kinz, write: "It has a Lil'Kinz counterpart, the (insert and link Lil' Kinz). Its pet specific item is (insert and link PSI) and its pet specific food is (insert and link PSF)."

3. Add The Description: The official description of a pet can be pulled from either the Kinzapedia, the Ganz eStore, or a Webkinz Newz article.

4. Describe The Appearance: A section should be added to describe the appearance of a pet, both virtual and physical.

5. Add A Gallery: A gallery should be added to showcase the pet's PSI and PSF, the plush version of the pet (if it has one), the moods of the pet, and any other images that features that pet.

6. Add Trivia: An optional section. If there is trivia of the pet or notable information that can't go elsewhere on the page, place it under a "Trivia" section. Be sure to bullet point each piece of trivia.

7. Add A Navbox: Navboxes can be found here. If a navbox is able to be placed on a pet page, then it should be placed.

A complete pet page should look something like this.

Former Members

  • Warrior♥
  • Webkinz112 (Bureaucrat) (Former)
  • kkgirl
  • Webkinz Mania (Bureaucrat) (Former)
  • Generalgrievous113 (Admin) (Former)
  • Iayami (Bureaucrat) (Former)

Project Pet Specifics

Project Pet Specifics aims to create a page for each pet specific food (PSF) and pet specific item (PSI). Each PSI and PSF article should have an infobox, an intro paragraph, and a description. Each PSI should at least be categorized with "Items" and "Pet Specific Items" and PSF should be categorized with "Food", "Items", and "Pet Specific Foods".


1. Add An Infobox: The Item Infobox and eStore Item Infobox already have instructions for how to fill them out. Image captions are optional and the PSI and PSF images should be transparent.

2. Write An Intro: An introduction for the item should be written. Below is a basic introduction, but does not have to be exact when writing one.

"(The) (insert item/food) is the pet specific food/item of the (insert the pet(s) that these items belong to)."

3. Add The Description: The official description of the item is to be added. They may come from the Kinzapedia, Ganz eStore, or a Webkinz Newz article.

An example of completed PSF and PSI pages can be viewed here and here.

Former Members

  • Webkinz Mania (Bureaucrat) (Former)
  • Webkinz112 (Bureaucrat) (Former)
  • Generalgrievous113 (Rollback) (Former)

Project Tales

Project Tales aims to create and complete articles for each W-Tales story. This includes creating an introduction and description, adding an infobox, a story summary, creating a gallery of screenshots of the book's pages, and listing out the characters and locations featured. W-Tales pages should be categorized into "Books" and "W-Tales", unless the W-Tales was only featured in the Kinzville Times, in which it should be listed only under "W-Tales".


1. Create An Intro: An introduction should be created for W-Tales pages. Below is a basic introduction, though it does not have to be exact when writing one.

"(W-Tales Title) is a W-Tales story featuring (Main Character(s)). (Insert a short blurb of what the tale is about)."


"(W-Tales Title) is a W-Tales story that was previously featured in the Kinzville Times, featuring (Main Character(s)). (Insert a short blurb of what the tale is about). (If applicable, add when the story was removed from the Kinzville Times)."

2. Add An Infobox: The infobox for Books can be found here. Captions for images are optional. W-Tales that are or were exclusively in the Kinzville Times do not need the infobox.

3. Add The Description: The official descriptions of W-Tales should be added to their respective pages. The description for W-Tales books can be found in the WShop and the Kinzapedia. Kinzville Times exclusive W-Tales do not need descriptions if one is not found.

4. Writing A Summary: A summary of the story is to be written. Be sure not to make it *too* long.

5. Listing The Characters And Locations: Major and minor characters in a tale are to be listed out with a short description about their role, and locations are to also be listed out and given short descriptions.

6. Upload Book Screenshots: All pages of W-Tales are to be uploaded and added to their respective pages under a gallery. Pages can be found and screencapped either in the game itself (in the Newspaper, Clubhouse Library, or bought from the WShop) or from (archived) Webkinz Insider articles.

A complete W-Tales article should resemble the article for "Does the Caged Singoz Sing?".

Former Members

  • Webkinz112
  • Webkinz Mania
  • IL
  • gbjockey

Future Projects

(Previously called "Webkinz Wiki:Project Projects")
It is currently undecided what new projects could be created. The main objective is to finish the projects listed above. If a new project/initiative is needed, it may be discussed after the above goals have been met.

Former Members

  • Webkinz112 (Bureaucrat/Leader) (Former)