Webkinz World is where your plush Lil'Kinz and webkinz comes to life. Almost everything about Webkinz happens in Webkinz World. You can do lots of things in Webkinz World.

Look at the Things to Do button and choose what you want to do. There are also places to go to including My Room, the Arcade, Tournament Arena, W-Shop, Curio Shop and many more. You can also check out the Newspaper to see the latest news and the Webkinz Guide to learn a bit more about Webkinz World. All of these options are in the menu Things to Do. Every month, new Webkinz are added to Webkinz World. Recent additions include the Collie, the Red Panda, the Dazzle Dachshund, and the Clover Puppy. Aside from the Webkinz, other things related to Webkinz but are not Webkinz are in Webkinz World. Zumbuddies and Mazin' Hamsters are some of those things.

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