Wheel of WOW
Wheel Of Wow
Basic Info
Location: Wheel of WOW
Area: Arcade
Category: Game

The Webkinz Wheel of WOW is an arcade game in the Webkinz Arcade.

  • Press the SPIN button to activate the Wheel.
  • You can win KinzCash, Webkinz Food, Webkinz Clothing, Webkinz recipes or expensive W-hop items!
  • This Webkinz game can be played by all players every day.
  • Sometimes you get a bonus spin from the Webkinz Today's Activities!
  • There is a bar at the top of the screen. After 15 spins it will fill up, therefore awarding you a bonus prize.


  • According to Kinzville Newz, the Wheel of WOW's items change every 2 weeks.


  • Webkinz Wheel of WOW is based and made an allusion to The TV Show Wheel of Fortune.

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