Wiggles Q. Pig is a Lil'Kinz Pig who designs Plumpy's hair. In one of Plumpy's Advice issues, Plumpy said Wiggles has his own room in her house so Wiggles is Plumpy's room mate.


In the W-Tales, Wiggles has brown frizzy hair and gives plumpy an idea in Plumpy and the Christmas Spirit. He goes caroling with her but Fluffington St. Bernard stops them. They bake cookies but the cookies spill everywhere


Wiggles is a Lil'Kinz. If this signifies that he is a kid, then he is a gifted kid as he has a job dressing Plumpy's (a famous webkinz newspaper publisher) hair. This is also hinted by the fact that he does not own a house (kids don't own houses). He appears to be friends with Plumpy as they persist to refer to each other.


  • Wiggles is the only Lil'Kinz Character known so far.


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