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The Wish Factory is a place in Webkinz World (Found in Things To Do [Daily Events]) where you can put Wish Tokens inside the Wish Machine to win an exclusive Item, hosted by Amanda Panda, a Panda. You can get tokens through the Well of Wishes, Token Balloon Dartz, the adoption of a Webkinz Signatures pet, the anniversary of the day you started Webkinz, your birthday, ETC.

At The Wish Factory, You must have an needed amount of Wish Tokens in order to wish for an Exclusive/Valued/Rare item. (10 - 15 Wish Tokens for an Item).

You can also use the Wish Of The Day, the Wish Of The Day is an addition to the Wish Machine that allows you to make an Wish on any item, and a lucky pet (or your pet) will be chosen and you will receive the item you wished for, without using Wish Tokens.

There on rare occasions, are events that occur when you place your token into the Wish Machine. This means that your token was actually a super token! You can win Kinzcash or an awesome trophy depending on your luck. You never know if it's a super token until you put it in!


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